Sometimes A Light Surprises

by Songs Of Grace

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released May 11, 2014

Produced by Walt Harrah and Caleb Parker
Engineered by Caleb Parker and Brian Petersen
Mixed by Caleb Morris
Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering

Drums by Justin Qualls
Bass by Ben Johnson and Andrew Braine
Electric Guitar by Caleb Parker and Dale Bryson
Acoustic Guitar by Caleb Parker and Jesse Haugen
Mandolin and Banjo by Caleb Parker
Fiddle by Drew Brokke
Keyboard by Walt Harrah and Dale Bryson
Horn Arrangement on Cross-Hung Life by Trevor Gomes
Pennywhistle by Timothy Pinkham
Background Vocals by Ethan Bustad, Drew Brokke, Walt Harrah, Caleb Parker, Mackenzie Burns, Pearl Botts, and Marla Bustad

Album Art Design by Evan Schneider
Cover Art by Adria Murphy



all rights reserved


Songs Of Grace La Mirada, California

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Track Name: Sometimes A Light Surprises
Sometimes a light surprises the Christian while he sings;
It is the lord who rises with healing in his wings;
When comforts are declining, he grants the soul again
A season of clear shining to cheer it after rain.

In holy contemplation we sweetly then pursue
The theme of God’s salvation and find it ever new
Set free from present sorrow we cheerfully can say—
Let the unknown tomorrow bring with it what it may

No matter what life brings God will surely bear us through
Who gives the lilies clothing will clothe His people too
Beneath the spreading heavens our world is daily fed
And He who feeds the sparrows will give His children bread

Verse 4:
The fig tree may not blossom, no grapes the vine may bear
Though all the fields should wither, and worry fill the air
Yet God the same abiding, his praise shall tune my voice
For while in Him confiding I happily rejoice.
Track Name: Very Very Good
In the image and likeness of God we’re made
Male and female we’re meant to be
With the charge to be fruitful and multiply
As we live here responsibly
Ruling over the fish, the birds, beasts of the field
God has given us every plant that grows
Everything that has life is for us to share
All creation, it’s joys and woes

Very very good, Very very good
Made in him image, he’s declared that we’re
Very very good
Though we’ve disobeyed Sin’s full account’s been paid
Though once defiled we’ve been reconciled and it’s
Very very good
Though once defiled we’ve been reconciled and it’s
Very very good

In the garden, once perfect, sin left its mark
And the image was sadly flawed
But the Potter determined to right that wrong
Enter Jesus the Son of God
Condescending he hid his glory for a time
Born of Mary, he blessed the human race
Then at Calvary he hung there, our sacrifice
Our Creator died in our place
Track Name: Gracious God
Back in the garden, when all was right
Satan changed it all to wrong
A sovereign pardon would fix the blight
Thus began redemption’s song
So Abraham was called, a promise there and then
Was made, by faith he went, was blessed then blessed again
And like him we who trust can truly say “amen!”
What a gracious God we have

What a gracious God we have; Who could conceive
All that’s ours through Jesus Christ; We now receive

The law was given, but not believed
Israel’s faith was deeply flawed
The prophet’s message was not received
Vexing our most holy God
But all the while redemption’s plan was being formed
Emmanuel, God With Us, Jesus would be born
The Prince of Peace among us, hell would soon be stormed
What a gracious God we have

Then condescending in humble birth
Jesus joined the human race
He came intending to bless the earth
Showing us a God of Grace
Despised, rejected, he endured the vilest wrong
He hung upon a cross, a place where we belong
And thanks to Him we now can sing redemption’s song
What a gracious God we have
Track Name: Weary Heart
Oh that I had the wings of a bird
I would fly away and be at rest
Truth is slipping while wrong is preferred
This world’s constantly at odds with me

You’re the very one I need to run to
Shelter me under your wings
Out of the pit that I’m in
Spirit a new work begin
Fill me with joy once again
Until this weary heart sings

Anguish taunts me, my heart’s filled with pain
In this godless age the wicked rage
Show your power, their ranting restrain
Evil plans defeat, end their deceit

Take these burdens that weigh on my heart
I cast every care upon you there
As for me Lord, I’ll trust in your word
To be life to me abundantly
Track Name: The Harvest of God's Field
Blessed is the one who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked
Or stand in the way of sinners
Or sit in the seat of scoffers
Blessed the one who finds delight in the holy words of scripture
Who feeds on statutes humbly
Meditating on it day and night

They will be like a tree
Planted by a stream that flows
So its roots grow deep
In the soil that rich with life
Fresh and green they’ll remain
Fruitful as the day is long in the harvest of God’s field

Not so for the wicked who like chaff in the wind are blown and scattered
Though now it appears they prosper
They’ll fade at the coming judgment
God is watching over those who walk in his way and seek to trust him
He showers their path with blessing
Showing kindness to the ones he loves

May I be like a tree
Planted by a stream that flows
So its roots grow deep
In the soil that rich with life
Fresh and green I’ll remain
Fruitful as the day is long in the harvest of God’s field
Track Name: I Wait in Hope
Unto you O Lord I cry for help
I lay my requests before your throne
I wait in hope
Now let your will and purpose be known
I wait in hope
Now let your will and purpose be known

Calm my anxious thoughts and still my heart
Till peace like a river floods my soul
I wait in hope
Relinquishing my need to control
I wait in hope
Relinquishing my need to control

Lead me in the way of righteousness
And straighten the path marked out for me
I wait in hope
My faith is placed in your sovereignty
I wait in hope
My faith is placed in your sovereignty
Track Name: Pentecost
At creation’s primal birth
You were hovering o’er the earth
Darkness fled as day began
Life was formed at your command
Down into our present age
You’ve determined every stage
Though this world reveres the night
You promote the one True Light

Spirit blowing where you will
Seeking humble hearts to fill
Come restore what now is lost
Spirit, God of Pentecost
Strengthen now what still remains
Fortify our love that wains
From our slumber now revive
Till we really truly live

In these final days we’re in
Spirit come in pow’r again
As we face the coming storm
Signs and wonders now perform
Though the Father’s love is great
Warn the world the time is late
Spirit keep us, hold us fast
Till we’re with the Lord at last
Spirit keep us, hold us fast
Till we’re with the Lord at last
Till we’re with the Lord at last
Track Name: A Few More Years
A few more years shall roll,
A few more seasons come,
And we shall be with those that rest
Asleep within the tomb;
A few more suns shall set
O’er these dark hills of time,
And we shall be where suns are not
A far serener clime:

Then, O my Lord, before the night
Prepare my soul for that great day.
Now wash me in your precious blood,
And take my sins away.

A few more storms shall beat
On this wild rocky shore,
And we shall be where tempests cease,
And surges swell no more;
A few more struggles here,
A few more partings o’er,
A few more toils, a few more tears,
And we shall weep no more:

A few more Sabbaths here
Shall cheer us on our way,
And we shall reach the endless rest,
Th’eternal Sabbath day;
’Tis but a little while,
And He shall come again
Who died that we might live, Who lives
That we with Him may reign;
Track Name: White as Snow
From whence this fear and unbelief?
Has not the Father put to grief
His spotless Son for me?
And will the righteous Judge of men
Condemn me for that debt of sin
Which, Lord, was charged on Thee?

Jesus paid it all
All to him I owe
Sin had left a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow

Complete atonement has been made,
And by his death our ransom paid
My life his death procured
God’s awful wrath has passed me by
I’m now the apple of his eye
My future’s been secured

If you my sentence made your own
And on that cross did grieve and groan
And for my sin did plead
Then I will spend my life for you
By faith I’ll trust you’ll bring me through
Amazing grace indeed
Track Name: Cross-Hung Life
O cross-hung life of God made man
Which all my sin did bear
Here Love and Law and Sin collide
And Hope has slain Despair
Though every accusation of the Evil One be true
My righteousness is in Jesus Christ
Whose covenant is New
Whose covenant is New

Though sick with Sin and prone to fall
And weak in every sense
We have a Priest named Jesus Christ
Who is our Innocence
He drank the cup of Righteous Wrath
For sinning past and yet–to–be
Now in His finished Work I stand:
“For Freedom I am free!”
“For Freedom I am free!”

Draw your swords, oh ransomed sons of light
And charge Hell’s rusted jail
With joyful anthems raise your song
The gates shall ne’er prevail
Through pain and shame and suffering
Our Adversary roars
But where undeserved grace abounds:
"Our guilt abounds no more!”
"Our guilt abounds no more!”

O, Christ our portion, Christ our King
And Christ our glorious prize
We await that day to fully see
With unobstructed eyes
Oh Source of Love and Rest and Joy
At Grace and Mercy’s shore
And with every saint in harmony
We’ll sing forevermore
We’ll sing forevermore